Workshop Aon Certified HR Analytics Professional

Conducted by : Aon Hewitt Learning Center

Mode : Workshop

Duration : 2 Days

Workshop Link :


Module 1 : Measuring Results in HR

  • Understand Aon’s Human Capital Strategy Methodology and
    link business strategy to your Human Capital Strategy
  • Explore how metrics are used to measure results in HR
    o Process vs Outcome
    o Efficiency vs Effectiveness
    o Lead vs Lag
  • Learn to configure success measures based on human capital
    strategy to measure business impact

Module 2 : Introduction to HR Analytics

  • Explore how business can deliver on business outcomes by
    leveraging on analytics
  • Analyze the business impact of HR analytics in real business
  • Develop an understanding on the 3 main types of analytics and
    their appropriate usage in different HR areas
    o Descriptive Analytics
    o Predictive Analytics
    o Prescriptive Analytics
  • Refresh basic statistics knowledge and understand the key
    statistical tools needed for effective use of analytics

Module 3 : Data Analysis

  • Introduction to the key skills to drive data analysis: critical
    thinking and story-boarding
  • Frame critical questions to build critical thinking capabilities and
    apply them in different HR areas
  • Learn about the various data visualization techniques and their
    effective utilization using cutting edge tools like Tableau
  • Create early awareness on the common pitfalls associated with
    data visualization

Module 4 : Driving Insights

  • Understand the process of forming appropriate hypothesis
  • Develop skills to analyze data holistically and draw out trends
    and insights
  • Understand the art of communicating insights through effective
  • Learn to build effective story boards and use them to influence
    stakeholders and build buy in for your endeavors

Module 5 : Implementing Analytics

  • Comprehend the features of a data driven organization
  • Gain insight into best practices across the HR analytics life
  • Deconstruct the power of big data and understand how can it
    be used effectively by organizations to increase predictability in
    fulfilling strategic objectives
  • Create effective HR dashboards to communicate results

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