Evaluating Economic Impact of Workforce Analytic at Yahoo

Visier commissioned a study, conducted by Forrester Consulting that attempts to derive the economic benefits of utilizing workforce analytics services. This should give you some ideas on how you could pitch your investments.

Download a copy of the study here:

The approach majorly focused on the reach that can be achieved through a tool that provides scalability and compare the same with the cost associated with manual creation of those reporting requirements through additional full time employees. Benefits also included the cost savings accruing from replacing the legacy system that was being used at yahoo.

In addition to the cost savings, Yahoo identified the following unquantified benefits of using Visier Workforce Analytics:

-Yahoo has been able to use Visier to quickly test assumptions and “bust myths” around employee dynamics.

-Yahoo, which has fairness as a guiding principle on which all workforce decisions are made, has experienced more employee equity in administration of HR policies.

-Yahoo is better able to meets its goal to pay for performance, a key factor in supporting a top talent workforce.

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