Webinar on Practical Workforce Analytics

Online mini-conference where Arun Chidambaram, Stela Lupushor & Boyce Byerly talk about some practical aspects of working in the space of HR Analytics.

Arun Chidambaram, Director of Global Workforce Intelligence, Pfizer begins the webinar with an overview about the methodology for carrying out HR Analytics projects.

Methodology for HR Analytics

He talks about how, much of the time is spent mostly on getting the data into shape. While important, the skills in the analytics teams are much better utilized if more evenly distributed across the 4 areas in the method. He also talks about the value proposition of HR Analytics and how can increase over a period of time, through better collaboration between HR and Analytics teams.

Post this he takes an example of a project they carried out on the impact of workspace changes on employees decision to leave. He emphasizes how a strong collaboration with HR partners helped them derive more actionable value out of the analysis.

The second speaker Stela Lupushor,Director of Workforce Analytics, TIAA-CREF talks about her experience of working on predicting attrition. The approach was based on a surveys they designed and she begins with the apprehensions and considerations while going with the approach. Delving deeper into the analysis she talks about segmentation of employees that they focused upon and how that linked to the recommendations coming out of the analysis based on trends observed. She also talks about linking analysis from social media data on retention.

The last speaker is Boyce Byerly, Consultant, Level 6 Analytics talks about business impact of turnover and retention.

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