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Work Rules – Laszlo Bock

What is it about : Laszlo Bock used to lead the People Operations team within Google and here describes his experience of how all aspects of managing people were approached, making use of data and organizational studies.

What to Read : It starts with Laszlo talking about his formative years and professional journey to Google. Then he talks about what he found interesting about Google’s approach to work. Then he takes up questions that they were confronted with in a young company. Do managers really matter, if so then what is expected of them. How should we hire people without making the process too cumbersome for everyone. How can we make people collaborate and reward and recognize them for the work that they do.

Why Here : While we always talk about analytical techniques and models, they are generally difficult to understand for HR teams. This shows an HR’s perspective on how he understood them and applied to real life questions. This provides you with not just the case studies but also an insight into the approach that you can take towards making your analysis more tuned to the context in which HR operates.